Jeremy Lin, Zombie Killer

Posted: February 20, 2012 by sportinglife76 in Lifestyle
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By now we are all swept up in Linsanity (25 points per game, 9.2 assists per game in the last 9 games). I had the distinct pleasure of being court-side for Jeremy Lin’s coming out party. The game had no real intrigue going into it, since the Knicks had been sucking and no one knew that Jeremy Lin was about to erupt and become a transcendent hero (which is probably how I ended up with a court-side seat). No one expected anything, especially because the Knicks were playing the Nets. The best part of the game going in was Kardashian bashing (which has now come full circle). But Jeremy spoke in class and won the game with this drive and shot:

What happened that night is akin to an unknown hero severing the head of a zombie antagonist. Knicks point guards have been mostly zombies for at least a decade, and even if Jeremy Lin’s prolific run only lasts a month, it is better than the Knicks have seen in years.

Witness the zombies that have inhabited the Knicks point guard position:

Walt Frazier, Michael Ray Robinson, Richie Guerin, and Mark Jackson can take solace: Jeremy Lin is fighting back the Knick Zombie Point Guards and doing it well.

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